Why a Produce Exchange Market?

Because we believe the current sourcing landscape is broken. Sourcing should not stop at discovery. Sourcing perishable commodities is a complex process, even more so when it involves partners across different countries, languages, and systems. 


Beyond helping buyers and sellers find each other, Reserva helps execute transactions online. From placing the initial request for quotation, through invoicing and receiving, our customers can leverage our powerful B2B workflow to ensure their deals are successful.

  Why Importers, Wholesalers, and Retailers use Reserva

  • To place orders electronically instead of over email, fax, or phone.

  • To manage suppliers across different regions.

  • To get faster order confirmations and constant fulfillment status.

  • To have product availability information prior to ordering.

  • To meet higher traceability standards from their customers.

  • To gain access to new sourcing alternatices in short notice.

  • To close the technological gap with their suppliers.

  • To overcome language barriers with their suppliers.

  • To automatically update their inhouse accounting and inventory system.

Why Growers, Exporters, Brokers and Shippers use Reserva

  • To promote their products with local and foreign customers

  • To receive orders electronically instead of over email, fax, or phone.

  • To gain access to regional and international markets.

  • To get a better a way to place excess production.

  • To satisfy customer requirements for electronic data interchange (EDI).

  • To overcome language barriers with their customers.

  • To standardize and maintain their product catalog

  • To get up to date market information to price their products.

  • To make it easier for their customers to do business with them. 

Want all of the Above?

With our Premium Plan you can give your customers a portal to place orders while your suppliers can manage their entire fulfillment online.  

Our vision is to connect agri businesses everywhere in a common platform. 

We call it AgriCommerce