Product Catalog Administration

Advanced Attribute and Content Management

Dynamic product management ensures your company, suppliers, and customers always have access to up to date information. Our electronic catalog management support multiple sales channels, so it works whether you sell online or through traditional channels. 

Manage Attributes

Control the attributes that define your product 

Content Management

Product content for any sales channel

Flexible attributes 

A broad range of standard attributes help you provide increased traceability and also having a more dynamic pricing.


Give your customers more options, defining attributes for specific customers, markets, and commodities.

Better tracking

Barcoding is at the heart of our product management infrastructure. 

Always up to date

You can trust your product details to be actual so you, your salesforce, and customers can have accurate information.

Share electronically with partners

Having an online catalog is not much help if you cannot share it easily. 

Catalog Photos

Whether you are selling in a traditional B2B transaction or creating a glossy product catalog.