Grower Liquidations

Fast and reliable cost accounting for grower inventory

Our built in Program's app simplifies the tedious task of tracking each sale for all your purchased products. The built-in growers liquidation tracks costs, revenues, adjustments, and inventory for your purchases. 

Growers Accounting

If you lend money to growers to finance production, you can track each loan in the expense tab, and you can deduct those expenses later from future payments. In essence, you can allow growers to borrow against their future earnings.

Calculate Commissions

Setup different kinds of pricing logics, such as Consignment, Cost Plus commissions or Price minus arrangements.  Either way, Programs will save you time and reduce errors when calculating how much to pay growers or how much to charge customers.

Product Consignment

If you routinely receive products from growers on consignment, Programs help you keep track of each sale so you can later calculate the appropriate commission. More importantly, you get a real-time snapshot of consignment products so you know how much you have available to sell. 

Grower Returns

Get on demand reports to show purchase orders, sales orders, supplier invoices, customer invoices, and more. Print Partner specific reports or get a detailed list of transactions grouped by company. 

Expense Tracking

Keep detailed records of all expenses separated by program. Each program has an expense tracking app that allows you to record invoices from third party companies (such as seed providers, etc.) or add your own expenses. 

Expense chargebacks

Recharge expenses back to your suppliers. Chargebacks let you find open invoices and deduct expenses from them before you pay them. Or, you can create a new invoice to get reimbursed for a particular expense. 

Integrated Accounting:
Grower Inventory Management

Making easier to help growers with detailed accounting and product movement reports.

Cost Accounting

Program Expenses

Grower's Inventory


Liquidation Report


Inventory Tracking by Lot

Detailed inventory tracking by grower, product, location, and lot number

Grower Liquidations

Consolidated analysis for each shipments: real cost accounting by lot and supplier