Produce Exchange Market

Join a network of growers, wholesalers and retailers in a secure and technically advanced environment. Reserva helps buyers and sellers find each other and execute transactions using standard documents. We help our customers close the technological gap with their supply chain.


Reserva helps buyers and sellers find each other with fewer intermediaries. Ensuring continuous market access for time-sensitive commodities. 


Successful business deals go beyond the initial discovery. This is why Reserva helps you manage transactions in a robust enterprise platform.


Trading in our network ensures you can provide full traceability to your customers. From PTI compliance to administrative documentation.

Unprecedented Verification

Reserva carries a thorough 9 point vetting process across 3 major categories:


Ensuring makret participants have the appropriate corporate, trading, import/export licensing.


Buyers provide proof of financial health and past payment records via audited banking statements.


For added transparency, Reserva verifies the identity of contacts behind each company in the marketplace

B2B Market for Produce Traders

Connect and trade online in real-time with advanced traceability and documentation.

Lower Risk and Higher Protection for Buyers and Sellers

marketplace helps buyers and sellers find each other online. 

Reserva offers 
Escrow account to hold funds on behalf of buyers until goods are rendered. 

Access Reserva's extensive network of 
third party financing providers to reduce financial risk for sellers.

After goods are rendered and accepted,
Reserva wires funds to sellers

Leverage Reserva’s CRM and Marketing tools for
continuous market presence

Partner with licensed importers to provide customs clearance and logistical support

Provide both parties with documentation and
arbitration resolution

Market Data Intelligence

Access thousands of pricing and volume data points using our business analytics

Shipping Point and Wholesale Market

Daily market prices brought directly to you when you need them.

Insightful Analysis on your Commodities

Flexible reports and useful dashboards to facilitate decision-making

Buyer Transactions

  • Product Requests

  • Purchase Orders

  • Reception Notifications

  • Invoice Acknowledgement

  • Supplier Payments

Supplier Transactions

  • Publish Products

  • Sales Orders

  • Shipping Notifications

  • Electronic Billing

  • Payment Acknowledgement