B2B Portal
Do business inside and outside the network

The B2B Portal allows you to manage transactions with any company. Even if they are not on Reserva, and regardless of the type of products you trade with them.

Interact with existing customers from the B2B Portal. 

Here are some of the things your customers can do in your portal:
  • Request quotations
  • Place orders electronically
  • Check order status
  • Receive shipment notices
  • Shipment confirmation
  • Exchange messages
  • Access traceability documents

Are you receiving orders manually?

Become more productive processing orders electronically. Let customers place orders directly.

Over phone?

How much is it costing you to have someone spend hours taking orders over the phone?

Over email?

Avoid going back and forth clarifying orders and manually transcribing into your computer.

Over fax?

Who uses fax anyway?
We know, we know...

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